# Consistency

Feel Like I'm Getting the Hang of This!

I'm going to try and avoid starting every post with a - 'it's been so long...' - and in reality this blog is now really just my own musings, just somewhere for me to put down my thoughts. I can foresee this post proving valuable many times in the future as I am feeling really good at the moment, things are just clicking and going well, which is great 😄, the imposter syndrome is fading, the panic when being set a new task is dwindling away.


Reset followed by a BIG push

I've been a little quieter than I would like on this blog and with programming in general, the passion is still very much there, but as often is the case real life gets in the way. I've been super busy helping a family member with a new business, which has been great. It is nice to get involved with it as business is something that has always been of interest to me, seeing something grow day on day is pretty great. However, being involved with that and other things that are going on have meant I have had way less time to code, so I need to rectify that.