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I was recently asked on Twitter what my favourite sources for learning Web Development was and amongst others my top pick has been Andrei Neagioe’s... The Complete Web Developer in 2018:Zero to Mastery course on Udemy.

Earlier today somebody who has been helping me a bunch asked me what I liked about the course and what, if anything, I thought could be improved. I gave quite a detailed response and afterwords realised that this could help a bunch of people when looking for a course, especially because in my opinion this particular course has many hidden benefits that are often overlooked.

I should start by saying I really was at point zero when starting this course, so that comes with advantages and disadvantages... Mainly that I am a true test to whether the course is suitable for beginners. On the flip side, being a true beginner means it is hard for me to talk about the quality of the content in regards to others out there as I haven't taken any other of these all in one type courses.

Secondly I should say that I have not completed the course yet, but I don’t think that takes away from my review, I am focusing more on the extra benefits than the content as a whole, so please bear that in mind when reading.

Cliff Notes – ZTM is an awesome course. I had never written a line of code before starting it and at the time of writing I’m about 50% of the way through the material and I have learnt so much, landed a role with a local web development company. I’m learning more and more each day and still finding new hidden benefits.

Anyway, here are my more detailed thoughts on what I believe to be a very food course.


This is perhaps the single best part of this course for me. Once you enrol you are invited to join the Discord community which has literally thousands of other developers in it. A lot of these are very good and very active on the channel, which means help is always at hand.

I have already connected with many of different members and some of them have been instrumental in my progress and success to date. This community is worth the price alone.


First off I would say that Andre’s ZTM course is very modern, it has 2018 in the title and certainly lives up to that. It focuses on lots of modern technology including React, NodeJS, ES6 and more.

This is great because you will be learning what is relevant in the current market, but at the same time if you are completely new you may find many job postings still requiring other technologies like PHP and Jquery for example, although I would say from my own research that this is less of a problem as time passes, but certainly something you should do your own research.

Does it do What it Says on the Tin?

So, the gist of the course description is that it will take you complete novice to employable as a junior in the current market. I must say that is a bold statement and ZTM comes very close to living up ot it imo but not quite. I would say that no course is capable of doing that. When leanring anything you should always be supplementing your core resource with other material otherwise your knowledge will not be deep enough to remain competitive.

ZTM definitely gives you at least the basics in everything you need, so I guess by that indicator it does do what it says on the tin, but in my opinion you should be looking elsewhere to further develop your skills.

Value for Money

This should go without saying but almost everything that has mediocre reviews or better on Udemy will provide good value for money when purchased at (the always) discounted rates. I paid £10 for this course, which is absolutely insane value considering what you get in terms of content and all the extras, which I will go into a little more below.

What it’s Good At

  • Flow ZTM has a great flow to it. It is fairly fast paced, which keeps you moving onto new things and interested in the course. You should certainly complete all of the extra exercises as well as doing further study to get the most out of it, but you can also move through the sections pretty quickly when you want and come back to the additional exercises later.

  • Andrei The instructor for the course is great, he has a knack of simplifying complex topics so that newbies can get to grips with them with relative ease as well as having a nice logical pace and enthusiastic tone. This is a big deal to me, if I am going to listen to someone talk for hours, I want them to be enthusiastic, engaging and easy to understand. Andrei does all of this well.

  • Updates The course has already been updated multiple times since I have been involved and there is no sign of this slowing down. For the price point this is pretty ridiculous and means that this course will remain relevant for a while, which is a big deal in an industry that evolves as quickly as web development.

  • Underrated Topics covered In modern day web development version control and getting comfortable with the command line are very important and often overlooked from what I can see. Both are covered in the course and this has been of huge benefit to myself personally.

  • Open Source Playground Following on from my last point, Git is really important and not always covered as much as it should be. Open source goes hand in hand with Git and Andrei has also created a playground as such where he encourages students to contribute to various different group projects, which enables you to get used to working in different branches, dealing with merge and pull requests and more. This has been something I really like and has now got me to the point I feel ready to make other open source contributions.


I’m hard pressed to find many shortcomings thus far, I have not finished the course, so I can’t say whether or not it is lacking in some specific areas, but I will say based on the contents of the upcoming sections and the ones I have completed I will say that it is a pretty great all around course for modern web development. The only thing really missing would be interview prep and more career type stuff, although it’s worth mentioning that Andrei does not claim to do those things in this course.

Final Thought

I’m sure it is pretty clear by now, but I will end this post by saying just how highly I rate the ZTM course on Udemy, I can’t wait to get it finished and I will most certainly be purchasing Andrei’s other courses, which are the Junior to Senior web development course and the upcoming course focused on interview technique, coding challenges and landing a job.

The community, open source playground and constant updates make this course an absolute steal and surely one of the best available of it’s type.

Hopefully this review will help those looking to make their start and if you do decide to purchase the course then be sure to reach out to me on Discord and make the most of the resources available – you will not be disappointed.



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