You Time

So, ironically my last update was 7 days ago... I was saying how well everything was going and how great a month August was. The irony is because since then I have barely done a thing... I have had a lot on. A current freelance project is taking up a lot of my time, some changes at the day job as well as various family events have all caused me to be away form my javascript, challenges, daily log and Udemy videos. At first this was making me a little annoyed at myself and I felt like I had lost some progress and momentum. The latter point may be true in some regards, but honestly, it just doesn't matter.

You Time

What this past week has shown me is that we all need time to do other things otherwise this all just becomes an unhealthy obsession rather than a lifestyle choice. I see many people in the 100DaysofCode community beating themselves up for missing days, even resetting their days and starting again, which imo is too far. The community is there simply to offer support and encouragement, so just own your breaks and pick up where you left off!

The Importance of support

I briefly touched on support in the last point, but I don't think I gave enough info.

I've talked in this blog about landing my first role in the industry, halving my hours at my day job as well as spending lots of time learning to code. Absolutely none of this would be possible if I didn't have the support from my better half. She is the one spending a lot of time on here own, she is the one doing more of the chores at home and she is the one picking up the slack financially while I try change my life. Yes she will likely benefit from thr career change, but that doesn't change any of what I said previously. What's my point? Simply that I (and most likely you) should stop beating ourselves up when taking breaks, stop any type of resentment towards loved ones for breaks in our learning and most importantly make more time of our own accord to show our appreciation.

Going Forward

I've absolutely loved going 100% with all of this from the beginning. I have proved to myself I can work hard, I can pick up new things with relative easy and struggle through the more complex areas without quitting. I have learnt a lot about myself - mostly good things. But I'm adjusting the majority of my goals to incorporate more breaks and time for my family. I'm not scheduling week long breaks every other week or anything like that, but I'm no longer going to beat myself up when I have a day or two without a contribution on GitHub or without completing 10x challenges over at Edabit. The truth is that a day doesn't go by when I'm not thinking about something programming related, it might be about solving a problem, it might be networking, it could be ideas for this blog, reading articles or a whole host of other things. As you can see a break isn't really a break as such, once you have choose this path it is pretty consuming, so enjoy your time away as much as your time in front of the keyboard.




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