You Can Do It

The last couple of weeks has been a mixed bag for those a few people I am working with. Some have started to hit a wall in terms of progress and motivation and others are progressing really well, starting to get lots of of callbacks and interviews and one has landed his first job in dev!.

This post is really just me trying to provide some motivation/inspiration for anyone currently struggling on their journey into development. I know it's hard, I have been in the same situation not too long ago, but if you stick at it, continue to improve little by little each day/week/month you will get what you want.

Consistence and passion are valued very highly by business owners, managers and senior devs. Keep working and you will be noticed.

I have connected with a few new developers this week who are at various points in their journey and I am looking forward to seeing them grow and land their first jobs.

For those of you struggling and feeling like none of it is worth it. This is a crucial time, if you can grind through this period and come out the other side then you are set. So many drop off and give up at this point. Don't be one of those people.

As usual I am here to help and guide anybody I can, so if you would like to connect and get support from me then reach out!



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