Three Weeks In

I have just finished up my first three weeks with Library of Things and as cringey as this sounds it has been amazing! I just wanted to take some time to reflect on the first couple of weeks, no doubt it will be interesting to look back on this period in the months to come.

Startup Life

When looking for a new role I was pretty sure that I wanted to work with a startup, agencies can be great, but for multiple reasons I always wanted to work with a startup. There is something awesome about getting to know a product deeply.

It (I assume) makes life much easier and you can spend more time working on problems rather than setup, handovers and all the other things that come with agency projects.

Obviously I am not super familiar with the codebase yet, but I can already tell that my assumption will be correct. As every week passes I get a little more knowledge of the codebase and things are starting to click.

Straight in the mix

I guess this again is the nature of the startup, the team is small and super agile, which means no staring at bugs for months.

I have been lucky enough to make an impact from day one, working on key new features. I actually got my first merge request approved and released on day 1!

My team set me up with some nice easy wins initially which was a great confidence boost. My tickets have increased in complexity and difficulty over time, to a manageable level, but it feels good to be challenged, although imposter syndrome rears it's ugly head from time to time...

Fantastic Team

I was lucky enough to receive a number of job offers after my job search. Library of Things ticked a lot of boxes for me, but the main appeal was the attitude and enthusiasm of everybody I met during the interview process.

I am very happy to report that this has not changed after meeting everyone in the team. They really are great. I have had one to ones with all the wider team, spending time to learn more about them and their roles within the company. I obviously work closely with the product team daily and the help and support I have received already has been amazing.

I am very much looking forward to the future and getting to know all the gang a lot more.

Looking Forward

I have already had some discussions with the team about personal goals and professional development which is great.

We Identified some new things and technology I would like to get some experience and exposure to. I was also super happy to hear that they would like me to take ownership of the frontend and work closely appraising designs and taking the lead on new features. This was music to my ears overall. Super exciting but also a little nerve wracking just with everything being so new.

I am confident I will grow into the role though and live up to those expectations.




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