Terrible blogger is terrible...

Hey, I have had a much harder time maintaining a blog since getting into the industry, which is a shame as you would think I have a lot more to be talking about now, which I guess I do, but at the same time I'm a lot busier now, spend a lot more time in front of my computer now and in general try to make the most of the time I am not, which means some things have ot give and unfortunately this blog has been one of them.

This isn't your typical post where I will come a long and promise regular content going forward as this most likely won't be the case, however I do want to say that I will keep the blog going, chime in with some thoughts from time to time and see what happens. If I am being totally honest this is almost only for my own benefit, I know not too many people follow here, because I haven't pushed or promoted it in anyway for a long time and not much at all in the first place, I just enjoy having a space I can jot things down and re-visit later, I know a few people are reading it occasionally and for now that is enough for me.

The idea in the beginning was to use this to showcase my passion, drive and act as a learning log for potential employers and it severed that purpose and I guess the idea hasn't changed much, but rather than a log for employers it is a log for myself, to make sure I'm still progressing and still learning new things which is vital in this industry. Anyway that's enough random ramblings for the moment, So, what have I been up to...

My First Job

I mentioned last time that I got a new job, I was obviously super happy, it was working with all the things I am excited about - React, React Native, Gatsby and all that good stuff. In my area this is pretty rare, well, super rare in fact and it is something I was very worried about at one point, but so far it has been awesome, every project we have done has been some form of react, which was exactly what I was looking for. I have learnt so much already and am still super happy and enthusiastic abut coming into work everyday.

The first month was a little isolating, the company had only recently expanded into my region, setup new offices and I was the first one in, working alone on lots of new things was somewhat tough, but I got through it. By my second month the office was filling up nicely and there are multiple experienced devs in the office everyday. I have seen my learning accelerate tremendously already thanks to the talented folks around me. I learnt a lot on my own when getting started, but this short time working in a tight nit team has showed me just how valuable it is to seek out other more experienced devs, so yeah, if you are not already doing that - do.

Dipping my Toe Into the Mobile World

One of the companies biggest projects right now is a fairly complex and large scale mobile app, we are using react native and initially I wasn't on the project at all, but after doing well in my first month I started to work with the team on some minor tasks, mainly bug fixes and refactoring, but as time has gone by I am getting more and more involved with the project and this again has been a great learning experience, I'm now super comfortable working with version control across multiple branches and with larger teams and I have got a good feel for React Native now, which is a lot like React but also a lot different.

We all know mobile is massive now so I'm very pleased to be getting experience with large scale mobile applications this early in my career.

Staying Sharp

These last few months have taught me a few things about myself too and highlighted a couple of areas in particular where I need to improve, firstly I am now very aware of how inactive I am, I'm reaching an age now where I really need to keep on top of my fitness and activity levels to avoid a serious decline in my health and a serious increase in my waist size. I keep threatening to start working out, but it hasn't happened yet :/. Hopefully I can get that sorted before the next update here.

Secondly I have always known how important it is to never stop learning in this game, but since starting to work full time I have noticed it is tough to be motivated sometimes after work or on weekends after a full work day. Now I think this maybe a somewhat temporary problem, I'm still super new, so I am finding a lot of days challenging and learning a hell of a lot constantly, so it is not like I know my job inside out and then I am doing nothing in my down time.

So, I'm hoping that I can increase my out of hours study/learning time in dues course too.

that's all I've got, until next time!



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