Small Changes - Big Results!

2020 has been a particular rough year for many of us, outside of the global pandemic I have had a lot of personal things to deal with. I was reflecting the other day about everything and expecting to feel pretty rough afterwards. However in reality despite the struggles of this year a lot of good things have happened and I soon realised these have came from really small changes that have been applied consistently over time.

Back to my goals

My goals each year like many others often include reading more and exercising, yet I fail at them year after year... I actually started reading Atomic Habits recently - awesome book btw and it has helped me understand that goals aren't always as beneficial as they seem. The book talks about putting a lot more emphasis on the systems we have in place rather than the goals and it makes perfect sense.

It also highlighted to me that I have had some success through figuring this out via dumb luck or intuitively, I would like to think it is the latter, but that probably is just wishful thinking.

Anyway, back to my reflecting... I realised that I have been logging my calorie intake consistently with my fitness pal, logging my cycling with strava and plenty of other general fitness stuff too. So there it was in front of me in black and white, evidence that I was making a small effort regularly to improve my fitness. And it is working too, my times are coming down, my calorie intake has settled under my target more often than not and I am without doubt in much better shape than I was six months ago.

Cool story bro

This isn't just a brag post, this is just what I noticed which made me think back to Atomic Habits. I now know first hand that if I apply this method to anything I will improve. I set a goal to get hired in the tech industry and worked my ass off to get there, but if I am truly honest with myself I have stalled since achieving that goal, I haven't always improved at the rate I would like or think I am capable of. Going forward my plan is to put some work in each day at getting better.

Just today I got up an hour earlier to work some DevOps stuff, just basic spinning up of AWS instances, ssh ing into VPS's etc. Just familiarising myself with the process, I feel really good about it and the moment of reflectionI had has gave me a new motivation to really kick on and advance my career, so watch this space ;).

What does this mean for the blog?

Unfortunately probably not too much, I do enjoy writing and definitely want to write more, but like I have said in the past I think writing for thr sake of it is pretty meh. I want to continue to update this blog as and when I feel is right, hopefully I have a lot going on that I would like to share here, but no promises.

So, what else is new?

Well for the past few months I have started working with a friend of mine looking to switch careers into development. I have been helping with the basics, getting some projects together and with escaping tutorial land. It has been great, I have learned a lot about myself and consolidated a lot of my fundamental knowledge. He is now at a point where he is ready to start applying for jobs, which is awesome. I have gotten so much from various mentors in my career so far and I am super happy to have the chance to do the same for others. This is definitely something I want to do more of, so hit me up!




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