When I first started studying JavaScript I seen a lot of advice from people saying to learn vanilla JS as much as possible before moving onto any frameworks. I always new that I wanted to learn and use React, but I wanted to follow that advice and learn as much JS as possible beforehand. This has been somewhat troublesome for me as I have found a lot of JS pretty tough and no matter how much I did learn I always knew that there was more I could do. So, I do now have a good foundation in vanilla JS... I am by no means an expert but I figured I had held off long enough and I should start at least looking into React.

What's All The Fuss About?

I had heard people say how amazing React was and how simple it is to use and was excited to get started. Now, I should say it certainly wasn't easy for me. This was my first time looking at it, so there was a learning curve. However, I can certainly see that once I learn the syntax and a few of the other intricacies that come with React it should be a very powerful tool that is fun to work with.


My first foray into React was in the form of a building a simple app called 'RoboFriends', which was a tutorial from the ZTM course I am taking on Udemy. It was a good introduction that had me working with props, components and becoming accustomed to installing and using packages via NPM. Building the app was enjoyable and showed how quick something can be built using React and look great to boot. Some aspects of the app have gave me some great ideas for showcasing my projects in a portfolio site. Hopefully that can be my next project, I'll keep you guys posted.

Want to Learn too?

I'm sure many of you will be looking to learn React too, so I thought I would offer up some advice and resources for you. First off head over to the official React site and read through the documentation there. Yes there are many videos and tutorials that you can use, but you really should get used to using official documentation as part of your learning. Aside from that I can recommend React Tutorials from @js_tut who has been super helpful in my personal development, he is an all around great guy and produces some fantastic content across various mediums. Finally all of Tyler McGinnis's work on React is very highly regarded, I personally have watched his free bootcamp on React Native and found it very useful. so I am sure his paid courses will be of the same high standard.

Quick Plug

I'll try not to annoy everyone too much by spamming the Discord channel, but we now have a few members and are starting to look at some group projects, so it would be great if some of you could stop by and potentially get involved with the channel and some of the group projects. If you are interested then sign up to the group here.



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