Just a quick post to brag about all my hard work this weekend :). I mentioned in my last post about how much I am missing React, so I figured I would ship out some projects this week. Getting a deeper dive into NextJS has been on my agenda for a while, so I figured I would take a deeper dive. TailwindCSS is something else tat I have wanted to look at for a while now and I did not want to spend an age styling personal apps, so that's in the mix too.

CV - Online Edition

First up was a simple one page app to house my CV online, I still have PDF available for wen needed, but I think it is nice to have something online when needed. This is pretty simple, just a Javascript object storing all the data ad then map through and render each section on the page. Quick overview of the final result is below and you can check the code here. View the CV live here



Next was a CRUD application for code snippets. This one was inspired by a tutorial from the fantastic James Quick. This is using NextJS and FaunaDB, something else I hadn't used previously, but I am very excited about after this project. It is really nice once you get the hang of the syntax. James implemented the basics in his tutorial and talked about a potential part two adding more features. So, I decided to get those features in ahead of time and I will be keen to compare my solution to his when he releases part 2.


My Site!

Finally I decided to rebuild my site in Next JS, it looks very similar to before, I was previously using a Gridsome template and figured I should do something myself. So, I definitely took some inspiration in terms of look and feel, but I built out all of the features from scratch:

  • Dark and light modes with React Context and Tailwind.
  • Blogroll from markdown files using the filesystem module.
  • Dynamic routes for individual blog posts (like this one).

And hopefully a lot more to come.



I have really enjoyed being so productive this weekend. I have some other ideas, a React NAtive app I have wanted to build for a while and some other bits and pieces, so hopefully this new found motivation continues.


Side Projects

Work Ethic

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