Being More Productive

Ramping Up My Productivity

I feel I have been lacking massively with my productivity lately. A month or so ago I was ready to take on the world, fitness, reading, meditation, pushing on with my career etc, but like most things, motivation dies off quickly and we need to do something actionable to make progress, so that is what I decided to do.

My yearly goals were struggling and I decided the best way to fix that was add some structure in my life. I have tried many of these productivity and Todo apps over the years, all are great in their own right, but none have really stuck with me. I think it is because I hate using multiple apps for everything, so I have decided to just use one and maximize it for my own needs.

My app of choice?

Google Calendar

I think my calendar was always my only essential app, which is why the rest failed to stick with me, so I opted to use the calendar for everything. I did a bit of reading around and used a couple of peoples ideas. Firstly I created multiple calendars:

  • Main - This is for all my appointments, both work and personal.
  • Health & Fitness - Where I schedule my workouts, meditation and anything else that falls under the health and fitness category.
  • Todo - My own version of a Todo list right in the calendar.
  • History - This is where I put everything that is complete, it is hidden by default on my main view, which de-clutters the calendar massively, but means we can always go back and see what has been done.

Super simple, but it feels great, pretty much my whole day from waking up at 6.30am until bed time at 11.30pm is planned out and documented. I usually have my todo's in the morning, but I don't have notifications or anything like that on them, so they can serve as a regular todo list as best as possible. Then I set a reminder at a few points throughout the day to check them and see what I can tick off.

The process isn't perfect by any means, but it works or me, I spend a lot of time in my calendar anyway, plus it syncs right to my home screen on my phone in widget form. I just think getting a alert with something along the lines of 45 minute run starts in 30 minutes is perfect to keep me on track on those busy days. Without that I might just hit the couch and skip the run for the day or whatever.

30 Day Challenge

Regardless of how it feels I am going to stick with this new daily scheduling for 30 days and then evaluate how it went, if I will continue, but I am already pretty sure I will. I guess with a few minor tweaks after working with it for a month.

I guess the takeaway here is to always help yourself. It is no good just saying I want to do X, Y and Z, you need to put yourself in the best position to succeed by planning it, putting things in place to aid you rather than get in your way etc.



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