Productive Month

I have had pretty solid progress throughout August. Coding in some capacity virtually every day. I have connected with some great minds on Discord, LinkedIn and in my local community. All of which have had a positive impact on me. On top of this I have put some plans in place to ensure prolonged progress going forward. Mostly in the form of keeping records, as I discussed in a previous post.

Back to Basics

As well as learning new things such as React and working with package managers I have went back to very simple Javascript challenges on Edabit, which has gave me much more confidence in the language. Doing this helped me realise I am lacking some foundation skills where I breezed through various topics in the beginning such as CSS. Next month I will take some extra time to go back over Flexbox and CSS Grid to ensure a solid understanding of both as well as taking another look at Bootstrap.

Bulma & Gatsby

Gatsby has been on my radar for some time now, I have a pair programming session booked with a member of the team early October, so I am going to start looking more closely at Gatsby in the meantime, which should ensure I get the most out of the session.

I was scouring the web the other day for inspiration for a new portfolio site, I'm planning on using Gatsby, but I came across a site designed using Bulma, which looked great. I really like the look of the framework, so I might spend some time next month looking at it and maybe build a small site or two with it to get some experience and see if I can make a nice looking site, maybe a landing page or something...



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