Learning from those building in public

This post is really a follow up to the last post (read here)". Where I told you about David and his startup giveaway idea. Hopefully some of you followed what happened next. David basically switched things up and created a mini weekend long hackathon where participants would make a start on OCDB and would be graded across a number of different categories.

A bunch of people took part and although competing were super helpful and supportive of one another, it was really great to see and the whole thing was very inspiring. I was tempted but ended up passing up on throwing my hat in the ring. Although I really would have liked to I just didn't really have the confidence to start building in public like that, which is a real shame.

However after following closely and seeing how much encouragement and support people got I absolutely would love to if another opportunity presented itself. Ever since then I have been thinking very much again about products, SaaS and the whole launching/shipping a product process. My business background would lend itself to it very well, so hopefully someday I can launch my first successful side gig!

I also started interacting with a bunch of new people on Twitter, which was great. I ended up with 3 months FREE of BrainFM and stumbled into Llama Life, more on that in my next post.



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