Next Chapter

Mixed emotions at the moment. I recently accepted a job offer and am about to start my last full week at my current workplace. A little over 18 months ago I started my first real dev job. I will be sad to go, but I felt the time is right and I am ready to start the next chapter in my career.


As I said, I will be sad to go from Bradbourne, I have learnt a lot, met some great people and for the most part enjoyed the work. So, why am I leaving? Well, I can;t stay at the same place forever right, no matter how great it is? But seriously, overall things were great, but at the same time I think the timing is right for me to move on.

Things are just getting a little bit samesy and I really want to continue to push myself and grow. And to be honest the offer was just too good for me to pass up.

What's Next?

I will still be focusing on frontend development, I have been working with React and React Native for the last couple of years. There will be some React, but a lot of focus on Vue, which I am super excited about. I actually rebuilt this site in Vue as a way of getting prepared and so far I love it.

I have heard a lot of people say they prefer it to React in terms of developer experience and speed of development, so I am looking forward to seeing if that is right.

My new place is also a much larger organisation, so I will have much more exposure to other technologies that interest me, mainly the operations side of things.

Remote Life

Finally I am now a fully remote developer. Even long before my developer days I wanted to escape the 9-5 grind, hated the idea of commuting everyday and a whole host of other things about office working. I am super happy to now be completely remote. COVID has had me working fully remote for a while, which has probably taken some of the excitement away, but it has also reinforced my feelings towards remote working.

Singing Off

As I mentioned in the intro, I start my last full week at work tomorrow. I have loved my time at Bradbourne and will always be grateful they took a chance on me. I am happy to say I am leaving on good terms, we have a team lunch and drinks setup for Friday and I am looking forward to that.

Next Chapter


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