My First Tech Interview

I talked about the technical test I was given in my last post, I managed to get the majority of the requirements done and turn in the test. As the title probably suggests they liked it enough to invite me in for interview, but there are a few things I am a little disappointed with.

Firstly I feel I could have done a little better... there were some features I was thinking about implementing that I never got around to and I think I was capable of. If that ended up the reason I wasn't chosen for interview or I wasn't made an offer then I would be super annoyed at myself, but I'm trying not to dwell on that right now, this is all a learning process after all and I have learnt my lesson on that one.

So, onto the meat of this post.


First and foremost I'm obviously super excited to land my first interview so soon in my journey, not that I don't deserve it, but it still feels great to be happening so fast and I didn't even apply 🤣

okay okay /brag

Nervous AF

Annnnnnnnnnd back to reality, probably more than excited I am nervous, I obviously want to leave a good impression and let's face it get hired, but I knw this is only the next level in the game, I guess for an associate position this could be the last level? Maybe I should start thinking of my interviewer as the end boss?

But, yeah, I'm nervous, that's pretty natural, I have some things I'm trying to focus on to help me remain calm...

Firstly, remember, this is an entry level position, they aren't expecting me to know the ins and outs of JS/React. They're looking for someone who is passionate about the field, easy to work with and keen to learn.

I pride myself in my ability to get on well with others, regardless of age, background etc. I easily find common round and break down barriers to create solid relationships, which means I feel confident in my ability to fit in any team.

When I go through that it puts me at ease, I feel more relaxed and comfortable. At the end of the day, they're not gonna expect some technical god, they have already seen my work, so they know what I'm capable of, so I see this interview being more personable which suits me.


Despite this (most likely) not being a heavy technical interview, I still need to be prepared. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and guess most people do not prepare enough and that is likely a big factor if they don't ultimately get offered the position.

I don't have nay data to back that up, it is just the sense I get from talking to others and my assessment of the human race in general...

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

and all that...

What's the Plan?

My preparation plan right now is fairly simple.

  • Research the company, so that I have things to talk about during the interview and demonstrate my interest and desire to work there.
  • This research will also enable me to ask good questions at the end (always have questions).
  • Have a lot of questions - if the interview goes the way I think there will be a good bit of back and forth, so a lot of my questions may come up, so I plan to have a bunch of backups.
  • Go through the code from my test, I need to be able to explain clearly everything I did and why. Alternatively I will be asked technical questions based on what I have done for the test, again the aim of these will be to see if I understand what I have done or have copied & pasted answers from the internet.
  • Have a well thought out answer to Why did you choose React other than because React is bleeping awesome. I was permitted to use anything I wanted for my technical test and I choose react, I'm sure I will be asked why.

That's pretty much my plan, I'm chatting with more experienced folk currently to see if there is anything to add, most of all having the above makes me feel a lot less anxious and way more excited.

I will of course report back how everything goes.

Until next time.



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