Moving On - Again...

Following on from a recent post, I have finally made a decision regarding my future, which is to move onto new employment. It was not ideal given I have only been at MTC a short time, but given what I highlighted in this post I think it is the best situation for everyone involved and I have definitely learnt some tough lessons from this whole process.

It is never easy quitting a job, especially after such a short time, but sometimes you just know and I think that was the case for me for a little while now. I guess firstly you don't wanna let people down, a company has invested time and resources into recruiting you, usually providing equipment and training all of which comes at a cost. Oftentimes there is a recruiter involved and depending on the time scale either te company or the recruiter will be out of pocket. None of which is ideal. Having said that, being happy where you work should trump all of that, as if you are unhappy you won't do your best work and all sides will be effected negatively.

Lessons Learnt

As I mentioned, I have definitely learnt from this process, I think a lot of people including myself when looking for a job don't factor themselves in enough, people assume the interviews and technical tests are for the company to know if you are a good fit. But, it is a two way street, the interview process is as much for you as it is for the company.

So, if you don't ask the right questions in terms of your responsibilities, your progression path etc etc then how can you truly know if it is going to be a good fit for you? I definitely asked some of the right questions, but also missed some, overlooked some things that in my gut I probably knew weren't exactly what I wanted and ultimately I have ended up - a few months in - looking elsewhere.

The Positives

It is always good to look for a positive in any situation, regardless of how hard it may seem initially. The positives for me here is that I now know exactly what is important to me, exactly the type of environment I want to work in, which means going forward I am much better placed to make sound decisions regarding my career path and make sure all concerned parties are getting a good deal.

Thanks to MTC

I want to sign off thanking my employers MTC, the team there is fantastic, they have worked hard in terms of onboarding and getting me up to speed with their systems in a difficult time and I have nothing but respect for them. It just didn't work out this time, but I will be leaving on good terms with everyone and that definitely makes me happy.

What's Next?

Hopefully I can announce some good news soon, watch this space!


Tough Choices

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