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Since what feels like forever I have been interested in learning more of the operations side of the industry. I have dipped in and out a decent amount of times over he last year or so with help from my good friend and mentor Corey.

I have struggled with it at times, I think mainly due to trying to cram it in with everything else going on, but that is kinda just how it is I guess, I have to prioritise my work, my family, my friends and everything else, which I have absolutely no problem with.

But occasionally it is frustrating when I come back to a topic and have to spend a lot of time relearning... Anyway, Corey and I have looked at Docker, Makefiles and some super basic K8 stuff in the past, it has all been great.

Corey suggested AWS this time around, basically learning a few of the services they offer, this is great for a few reasons. First off they're great and used a lot in a lot of companies, so they could definitely help me on a professional level. Secondly there are a decent amount of AWS certifications out there that I could work towards that seem to hold a decent amount of weight, so this is definitely something I would like to work towards at some point, as it will give me more of a sense of achievement and something tangible to show for my efforts.

I am not going to go into too much technical detail here, as this is more just me journalling my progress, but I also created a new repo, just so I can document my process and notes to help solidify my learning, this is something I harp on about all the time, but don't do anywhere near enough.

it also helps get my contributions up on GitHub a little, now that I working a lot of my work is done in private repos, so it will be nice to get some activity going on my personal account again.

Consistency has been decent so far, Corey and I have done an hour or so each day before my regular work hours and carried it on today on a Saturday. No signs of slowing down yet, which is awesome, so hopefully I can come back here with a shiny new certificate at some point.

Aside from that I am still on the hunt for some type of side project I can build and ship, I really have an urge to build something that people will actually use. Of course the dream would be to build something I can sell and make some money from, but honestly right now just shipping a product people find useful would be awesome. I have a fw friends interested, but right now we are not really getting started with anything which is a shame...



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