Momentum is important in pretty much all walks of life. This kind of follows on from my last post about ignoring motivation and just doing things. Momentum, streaks, runs, whatever you want to call it really helps with that. The more we do something the easier it becomes to do it going forward. Humans are creatures of habit and having momentum creates habits quicker and makes them more likely to last.


In the world of dev focus is also important, regardless of the area you are working in or towards there is so much to learn, so many things, so remaining focused is vital and something I struggle with. I have mentioned that some of my goals for this year are to learn TypeScript and Docker. I made a start with Docker the other day, reading through a few articles, installing things locally and spinning up this very blog in a container. It is all new to me, so I found it somewhat tough to get my head around, but I did manage to get this running locally in a container which is great. In preparation for learning Kubernetes I have gotten access to a VPS which I plan on using to serve this blog from, so I also got everything installed on my VPS. Anyway this isn't really the point of this post.

The point is, I barely scratched the surface of Docker, but then I seen an egghead course on Typescript that looked interesting to me, clicked through to the videos and almost hit auto play. Many of you might think this is a good thing and while it is not necessarily bad, firing through a Typescript series, would mean that I would lose my momentum and focus on learning Docker. It would be tougher to retain what I had learnt and the longer the gaps in my studying would mean going back over what I have already learnt more than I would have to if I focused solely on Docker.

I managed to realise this in time and did not hit the play button, instead I read a couple of intro chapters from The Docker Book (shout out to Corey for the book).

Moral of the story

So the takeaway here is to always remain focussed on one task at a time, initially at least, once you feel comfortable with the basics of something you have been learning then by all means hop around a little, just don't start too many things at once, as you are more likely to fail, or at least struggle with multiple, which will discourage you from continuing. I just wanted to leave this here for myself and any others who are dealing with the same kind of thing.



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