So far on this blog I have not really talked about anything other than programming, so I thought I will change that a little and talk a little about my personal life and some of the things I'm trying to achieve. First off I should say a little bit about my better half. She is absolutely amazing - literally the main reason for me wanting to better myself - or at least that is what I thought. However it turned out that I wanted to be better for me and she just helped me realise that. My partner is a mental health nurse and is very passionate about her career. Naturally we talk a lot about her work and she is very aware of mindfulness and mental health in general. She often talks about the challenges she faces and the types of personalities she deals with, referencing different techniques that her and her colleagues will use to help patients. Mindfulness is something that comes up a lot and not something I ever really thought about until recently.

Self Awareness

I have realised recently that I'm a little stressed out at times and struggle to focus. It's tough, working full time, being a parent and having a successful relationship. It can be very testing at times, add into the mix that I'm spending the majority of my time learning to program, network and change my life. Sometimes this is very overwhelming and I can feel a little lost.

Steps to Change

Being aware of this is the first step toward change, which I definitely am at right now. After talking with some new friends I have met online I learnt that some (one in particular) use meditation and Yoga as a way of lowering stress, improving mental health and making sure they exercise, which is super important for those of us who sit at a desk all day. I figure this is something I should try and emulate, so I will be incorporating both into my daily life from now on. After doing a little research I am very excited about both. I plan to wake up 45 minutes earlier than normal each day. In that 45 minutes I will jump in the shower, followed by 10 minutes of meditation and 15 minutes of Yoga. I hope to do this daily for one month and I will then increase this to 20 minutes meditation and a more intermediate Yoga routine. I'll likely document this process occasionally here and let you guys know the results. I'm excited to start and my first session is in the morning.


Now, I'm a little out of shape, so I am a little nervous about the Yoga, but I have got a nice beginner friendly workout and am using Headspace to assist with meditation, so hopefully I can make this a habit ASAP. I have used similar strategies with programming and it has worked, for two months now I have done some studying almost daily, so it is definitely a habit now and hopefully I can replicate those results with regard to mindfulness.


For those of you interested the beginner Yoga routine can be found HERE and be sure to check out Headspace for getting started with meditation.

Wish me luck!



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