The Developer Community is so Awesome

When I first started getting involved in the developer world and more specifically open source stuff I was really surprised about how much information was out there. People seemed to be super open about their ideas, their work and their plans. My background had seen me interact with businesses who were super secretive, there was no sharing going on at all. I think this is one of the main reasons tech has advanced as much as it has compared to other fields.

Anyway, the point in this post is I recently seen a tweet where David is giving away his startup idea, which is awesome enough, but to top it off it comes with a domain, some designs and rough working code. To top it off David has said he will be your first customer, so your new startup would be making $$$ right off the bat. Like I say, the dev world is pretty great! The only things asked for in return is that the idea is built in public.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I like to daydream about running a successful SaaS business one day. Business is in my blood and although I do love my job working as a developer full time I know I would love nothing more to be doing this type of work for my own business. I am still a ways off that yet, but one can dream right?

I decided not to throw my hat into the ring for OCDB and honestly I am not too sure why... I guess it is in part the old imposter syndrome kicking in again, I like my little safe bubble of working with a great team, an awesome tech lead and the wider company to support me. This is something I definitely need to work on though if I am to reach the maker status I want to achieve one day. Plus it is super unlikely attempt number one is the success story right, so I gotta start racking up some mildly successful launches sooner or later.

Watch this space I guess, gotta get outta my comfort zone at some point.


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