Looooong Day

So, as the title suggests today has been a super long day. Possibly the most time I have spent in front of the computer since learning to code! I got a lot done though and for the most part enjoyed it, so overall it has been a great day!

Get Dat Money!

First things first, most of us are doing this to make some money right!? I have talked before about landing my first job with a small local web dev company. Anyway I have an ongoing project with them that has been taking a while, I finally got some feedback from the client and had today to complete the changes. Most things went fine, but the one task I kept putting off was they the guy wanted a custom banner image for his homepage... Now, designing really isn't my thing, but needs must and it took the majority of the day but I learnt a lot about working with Gimp, effects, manipulating images and so on.

Not Finished Yet

Now as I said yesterday I am looking to keep daily logs of JS challenges completed and a log of my learning. I didn't want to fail on the second day, so I spent the evening working on some challenges as well as logging my days progress in both repos. Keeping these records has already proved it's worth as this time last week if I had a long day at the computer there is absolutely no way I would have watched a few JS vids and spent an hour or two looking at challenges but today I did :).

Feeling Good

The Mrs may not be best pleased with me, but I am really starting to feel some progress and traction now. JS was my weak point, but I am slowly understanding things and enjoying working with the language. If I can keep this up then I should learn a lot before the years out.

Hard work

Moving on

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