Llama Life

Carrying on with the SaaS theme this week, I started seeing tweets about Llama Life over the past week or so, which is a productivity app with a few canny unique features. [@threehourcoffee] (https://twitter.com/threehourcoffee) is the solo founder and she is great. I seen the $9 lifetime deal on the home page and bought before I tried :). Honestly the $9 was worth it to support an independent developer, whether or not I used the product or not.

A bunch of people took part and although competing were super helpful and supportive of one another, it was really great to see and the whole thing was very inspiring. I was tempted but ended up passing up on throwing my hat in the ring. Although I really would have liked to I just didn't really have the confidence to start building in public like that, which is a real shame.

However after following closely and seeing how much encouragement and support people got I absolutely would love to if another opportunity presented itself. Ever since then I have been thinking very much again about products, SaaS and the whole launching/shipping a product process. My business background would lend itself to it very well, so hopefully someday I can launch my first successful side gig!

Anyway, turns out it was a win win, the product is great, it is sleek, un-intrusive and is one of the first apps I have used where I don't instantly want a dark mode. It is essentially a todo list/task manager, but it has some cool reporting features and the game changer is what I like to call the timebox mode, where you basically set a countdown timer for your todos, which can really help with those tasks you end up spending too much time on.

I'm really looking forward to see what features come over the next few months.

But yeah, if you didn't already guess - Would recommend.



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