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Happy New Year! I think most of us are pretty happy to see the back of 2020, it was not a great year for many and although 2021 has not started off much better in terms of COVID I am super excited about this year. I have some good things going on personally. We have a new puppy arriving next week and I am a week into my new job, which I am absolutely loving so far.

Back to React

As you all know, things didn't work out with my last role which is unfortunate, but no regrets and all that jazz. I started at Library of Things just over a week ago and it has been great so far. the team are awesome, the tech stack is pretty much perfect for me. It is 100% React which is what I know and love. More specifically React with Typescript, Apollo, React and Graphql on the frontend with Nodejs and Typescript on the backend.

I have used Typescript a little in the past, but always wanted to get deeper into it. I have now been forced into that which is great and I am really looking forward to learning it in more depth. Apollo is new to me too, which is pretty overwhelming right now, but it seems extremely powerful and again I am super excited about learning it.

Short & Sweet

That's it for this post, just wanted to get one under my belt for 2021 and talk a little about my new role. I have some things I would like to write about in the coming weeks, so hopefully I will be a little more active in the coming weeks/months.



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