Keeping Records

I was browsing r/learnprogramming the other day, which is a fantastic subreddit btw when I stumbled across a great link which led me to this article. You should definitely go and read it and then join the Discord group like I did. It has turned out to be a great community led by a passionate guy who genuinely wants to help people. Yes, that is another fantastic person who spends a lot of his own time helping others.... I have said numerous times, but I will say it again, the developer community really blows my mind when it comes to people helping each other learn. Anyway, I ended up sending a few private messages back and forth with the site owner and he has suggested a couple of things to me that I thought I would share here. First off is record keeping, which is super important for accountability and some of the reason I started this blog. However a blog has a lot of fluff that comes with it, so he had a better idea.

GitHub Repo as a log

Cory suggested I start a new GitHub repo to log progress for a few reasons. Firstly it forces me to use Git almost daily, which is great practice and even better for that Green heat map :). It will also act as a no nonsense guide to my progress for future employers who don't have the time to sift through my blog, so I am about to create that repo now and will keep a log of everything I learn in there. Hopefully will be committing at least five times per week.

Practice Makes Perfect

I told Cory one of my main concerns was feeling a little weak with JavaScript. Regular readers will know that I want a solid base in terms of vanilla JS and he suggested (as others have previously) that I practice everyday in the form of challenges. I have use Codewars sporadically in the past, but never really got along with it. Cory suggested Edabit so I have created an account and plan to practice JavaScript over there daily.

Back to Work

Hopefully this will add another level of accountability to my learning and there is no time like the present, so I am off to do a few challenges and create a learning repo now.

Record Keeping


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