Interview Reflection

My first every developer interview is complete and overall it was a great experience. I have been somewhat anxious about the interview for a while, so on the morning I actually felt somewhat relieved that the wait would be over and I could then continue with my studies.

Anyway, I arrived nice and early and was greeted by someone at reception, soon after I was called up the stairs and greeted by my interviewer Adam who I had been in contact with numerous times over the past week or two, so it was nice to put a face to the name.

He gave me a brief tour, which included some staff playing fortnite on the xBox, a little corner with VR and AI machinery and then onto the main area where there were around 10 developers at work. Just the tour got me pretty excited, I really liked the vibe of the place and it was already somewhere I could see myself.

The interview was conducted by Adam and another colleague of his called Carl, they were both great, very transparent and made me feel comfortable, there was nothing too technical and I got the impression they were pretty impressed with my progress so far, however it was apparent that I had some gaps in my knowledge, which I did expect considering this journey is still in it's infancy.

Towards the end I was told the next stage, if successful would be a second interview with the CEO which would be a cultural interview. I got some decent vibes, feel everything went well so I am hopeful I can progress to the next stage, but either way it was a good experience, yet another strong indicator that this life is for me.

Hopefully I can follow this up with a success story, but either way I'm going to keep trucking on!



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