Hello World --Again

Writing is something I have always had a passion for, I actually had a small stint making a living from writing before I got into development, more on that later - maybe!

Personal development is something I feel very strongly about, starting this blog is a way for me to document my progress both personally and professionally. Not too sure how many people I will share this blog with, first and foremost this is for me. A little corner of the internet where I can put whatever I want. I hope it will serve as a place to come back to when times are tough - to remind me of how I got through it as well as a place where I can come back and relive my successes and triumphs.

I am not going to be promising you, myself, whoever any number of posts, I believe that just sets things up for failure, I will try post as often as possible, but only when it is relevant or important to me. That said, I have a 2019 review post planned as well as a 2020 goals/musings post, so that should be plenty to be getting on with.

Extra Motivation

I must admit, my love for writing is not the only motivator here, I am also hoping to use this blog as an entry into the world of Docker and Kubernetes, my good old buddy Corey Prak aka overlord of the Better Developer community has kindly offered to help me learn the twi in combination with this blog, so hopefully that provides more quality content and information that can help anybody looking to get into the Docker and Kubernetes space.


Hello World

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