Hello World

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed, I have done it semi professionally in the past writing on various topics including online gambling, poker and football.

Doing it on a somewhat professional basis sucked a lot of the fun out of it and (most likely due to my own lack of talent) inevitably I lost some of my passion for it and gave up pursuing it as a career and the nomad lifestyle that came with it.

From there I was once again wondering what to do with my life… If you want to learn more about my background then just head over to my about page.

Anyway, long story short I decided to learn some programming and pursue a career as a developer – exciting!

In the first few weeks of researching what I want to learn, how I want to learn and everything else I realised how vast a space programming is and how many different roads there are to go down. And that ladies and gentlemen is where the idea for this blog came about.

I have been keeping a diary for some time, but I figured a few others may well benefit from this information, so I should just trim some of the fat from my diary and put it online.

There are many fantastic resources available to learn how to code, so this blog will not be littered with tutorials as I cannot improve on those that are already available.

I will provide various bits of advice to help motivate you, help you grow your network and pick up some of the more subtle soft skills to get started in this industry.

I hope to post once per week, so there should always be some fresh content on here.

Please do reach out if you have any questions. You will soon see how much I enjoy talking to other developers at all stages of their careers and I will be urging all of you to reach out to as many people as possible, which isn’t always easy for everyone, so feel free to start with me.


Hello World

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