Hacktoberfest, Nerves and the Best Developer Community Yet

It's been a little while since my last post, not too much has happened. Since landing my first tech interview I have been kinda just floating through time without doing too much... This isn't great, but I didn't wanna fill my mind with lots of different things as I knew I would need to be talking about my recent project. However it has taken longer than I first anticipated, so I feel like I have wasted a lot of quality learning time.

This has not been the only reason for me slacking off though, I have had some moments of negativity in there too :/


The main source of this negativity has been my nerves and anxiety about the interview. Things such as feeling not ready, not good enough and all that other rubbish have been entering my mind.

For the most part I'm not letting this effect me, I have a few days left until my interview and I feel pretty good overall, I'm becoming less fixated on the result and more happy that I have the opportunity to interview and learn about that side of the job hunt. I will of course make a post about the interview here once it is done.


Most of you know I am part of a Discord community - Zero to Mastery and the lead instructor there recently made the following announcement:

As some of you may know, Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open-source software that takes place every October. It's run by Digital Ocean (not sponsored by them, just like what they do) and the rules are simple. All you have to do to take part is sign up on their website - - and make five pull requests in the month of October, to any public repo on GitHub. And just like that, you get rewarded with a free t-shirt!

This is definitely something I plan on doing and I urge all of you to do the same. Contributing to open source is great for so many reasons. Employers love it, it is good to get used to working with Git and who doesn't love FREE swag?

The BEST Developer community?

BEST may be a strong word, but the BETTER DEVELOPER community is certainly the best one I have found. I've already mentioned ZTM, which is fantastic, but it now has many thousand members, which means there is always someone around, as a group the experience level is phenomenal. This is all great, but due to the size of the group it loses that feeling of intimacy and hinders the chance of making strong relationships.

This is where Better Developer really thrives, the group is small and tight knit, but at the same time very active, full of people super passionate about programming and led by some of the most helpful people I've met, they genuinely care and get great pleasure from helping others in the community.

Please come and join us there!

Better Developer Website Better Developer GitHub organisation Better Developer Discord

I hope to see all of you there soon!

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