It's almost that time of year again! October is not far away and once again Digital Ocean will be running Hacktoberfest. I completed it in 2018, missed out last year, so definitely wanna get involved again this year.

I have wrote a number of blog posts around Open Source Software. In short - I am a big fan. I think it is a great opportunity for beginners to get used to the basic flow of using git and version control and who doesn't like free swag!

In 2018 I completed it in a day, but tbh my contributions were not too meaningful. I was very early on into my dev journey at the time, so I was just getting my feet wet. This time I hope to tackle more complex issues and hopefully make a decent contributions.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with getting over the line with smaller contributions. In terms of Hacktoberfest they all count the same 😃.

Hopefully I can get some photos with my new gear soon.



Digital Ocean

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