Feel Like I'm Getting the Hang of This!

I'm going to try and avoid starting every post with a - 'it's been so long...' - and in reality this blog is now really just my own musings, just somewhere for me to put down my thoughts.

I can foresee this post proving valuable many times in the future as I am feeling really good at the moment, things are just clicking and going well, which is great 😄, the imposter syndrome is fading, the panic when being set a new task is dwindling away.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not this programming god, I am just now confident in my ability to break the problem down and work through things logically and more often than not I find the solution or get super close and when that happens I can usually call in one of my colleagues/mentors who can point out where I went wrong.

I won't bang on again about how important surrounding yourself with good people is - it should be pretty obvious.

So yeah, overall things are great, 3 months in my first job and I feel like I have progressed a lot, built some friendships and am heading in the right direction.



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