Get Mingling

I've been thinking about making this post for a while now. The number one piece of advice I could give to any new developer would be to reach out to other developers.

I made a post recently on DEV, which you can find here where I write in more depth why you shouldn't be afraid to reach out to people, but I thought it is worth mentioning again here.

First off the DEV community is awesome, so if you haven't signed up there be sure to do so, there are many great discussions and developers on there at all times. They run a mentor program woo, which is great and I happened to get matched up with a great guy who has been helping me a tonne.

Anyway, back to my point. The developer community as a whole is absolutely amazing. I have never seen so many people willing to help people out. This came as a huge surprise to me tbh. I have came from a business background where everything is so competitive and cut-throat, often times to their own detriment.

Collaboration is definitely king, we see this with open source, the things that can be created when people work together is mind blowing. Shame the rest of the world doesn’t know it though.

So, the point is, people really will help you out, however stupid you think your question is… It doesn’t matter that you are brand new, that you know nothing, just opening up and talking to people will teach you so much!

Also, don’t be going into it thinking you are the only one getting anything out of it. People genuinely like helping others, it helps them solidify their knowledge and helping others can be rewarding for some.

I reach out to anyone and everyone if I like something they’ve built, written or even tweeted and I have had countless replies from people thanking me for thanking them – haha – from their point of view it is nice to know someone is out there reading their stuff, watching their videos or looking at their code on GitHub or whatever.

I started chatting with a guy Jacob on Twitter after he responded to a few of my tweets and since then we have messaged each other a fair bit. He has helped me a lot and gave me some excellent advice and then I logged in to GitHub one day to find a pull request from him on one of my projects… I opened it up and he had set everything up ready for React as he knew it was the next thing I was about to start learning. I couldn’t believe it.

I literally cannot reiterate this enough, reach out to people and you will get where you want to be much faster and in return help out those that reach out to you once you’re further along. If we can keep that cycle going we are going to create some fantastic developers and with that will come some amazing things that we can all experience.

Okay, I’ll leave it there, I’m rambling but you get the point. Get out there and mingle people. If you are a little shy then start with me 😄




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