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After my post yesterday writing a review of ZTM I had a guy on Twitter reach out with some questions.

I always wondered why people seem to really enjoy helping out others like myself on a regular basis and now I know! It really does feel great to help others, firstly being asked is flattering and means that they respect your opinion and secondly it really is an awesome feeling when someone goes away feeling happy after you have helped them.

I am most certainly a beginner when it comes to web development yet I was able to help this person a lot and in turn it helped me!

Help Yourself Through Helping others

When explaining something to somebody else it forces you to really think about what you're saying so you get a really good idea of how well you know something. This means a great way to test yourself out on a certain subject is to explain it to someone with little to no knowledge in it.

Yes, Everybody is Able to Help somebody

I urge all of you to help others, however new you feel there will be someone else who is a little newer and could use your help, put yourself out there and help them! If we all do this it will create a great ecosystem in the development world and help the more advanced/senior people free up there time to help people with advanced topics rather than spending too much time on the beginner topics. In an ideal world everyone would help someone else just below them in skill level which will create an amazing community that is learning and advancing very efficiently.

I've Made It

I've mentioned previously how blown away I am by how helpful the community is in general, which is something I believe we should embrace as it will help everybody long term. I'm now officially part of that and I love it!!!

Roll Call

Now, I start this by saying I am still a beginner to the world, but if anybody is struggling with anything then please do reach out to me, I will help when I can and if not then we can learn it together :smile two heads are better than one and all that.

Check the contact section on this site for my contact details.

Speak soon!



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