Finally Made a Decision

For some time now I have been a little torn. From the outset of my journey into programming I have been using JavaScript with a keen interest in React, this has not slowed down and React is what I am most excited about right now.

However after studying the job market around me I soon realised that React is not too popular here and PHP is, in particular Laravel, so I have been considering learning PHP and Laravel, in fact I actually have started and built a few small projects.

However, no matter what I did I just couldn't get into it, it didn't excite me and wasn't an enjoyable learning experience. I'm not even 100% sure why, but it just wasn't, so I decided to thrown in the towel and continue on with what I was enjoying and what I am excited about - JavaScript and React.

Do what YOU Want

My advice to anybody else who finds themselves in a similar situation is to do what you want and are excited about. The way I see it is, yeah I may well land a job quicker in PHP, but if I'm not really keen on it then I will probably hate my job, so what' the point?

I believe in JS and in React and slowly see them filtering down into more rural areas, so I think getting ahead of the curve with them will stand me in good stead in the future.

Full Stack

I think it is now time for me to start looking at node and maybe some database stuff with Mongo etc. I'm hoping to be able to hit the full stack with JavaScript and it is about time I got started.

On the Horizon

Other than that I have heard good things about TypeScript and I still find myself somewhat drawn to Go, so in my free time I am going to start looking at those and see how I get on with them. Most of all though I'm just happy that I have made a decision regarding PHP, feel good about all of this again and am excited to open the lid on my ThinkPad every day.


Decision Making

Set Goal

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