I have been fascinated with crypto and blockchain for what seems like forever now. I have dipped my toe in and out of the waters a few times now for investment and have done okay. However every other week I get the feeling I have missed some big opportunities. But it is what it is. I am more interested in the technology anyway.

I have had crypto deep dive and blockchain on my to learn list for a long time now, but have recently found a few hours spare to start doing a bit of reading. I have always thought I would enjoy working in the crypto space at some point and whilst I have no immediate plans to do so, I figured learning a little bit about Dapps, Contracts, Solidity and everything else crypto development can't hurt.

I was recommended crypto zombies, which is like a code along tutorial course, which has been great so far, I am a few lessons in. It goes at a decent pace so you feel like you have come away with some valuable knowledge without being overwhelmed - a really good balance imo.

I plan to work my way through that and see what happens basically. Th pubs will be open soon, so I gotta get some learning in before the Summer!



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