Make a Commitment

Commitment is super important in all walks of life. Learning programming is no different. I spend a lot of time going through the #100DaysOfCode community and see many people are getting started with programming everyday which is great.

The truth is programming is hard and will take a lot of effort and in my opinion the only way to succeed at pretty much anything is to commit to it. In other words doing and hour or so twice a week just isn’t going to cut it. Yes you will learn some things and be able to follow along with some tutorials and get something built, but you will not really learn and retain much at all.

If you are looking to change your life, kick start a career in programming you really will have to work your arse off, regardless of what countless medium articles will tell you.


The reality is it will be much harder than you think, you will need to put in hundreds if not thousands of hours to become decent at programming. Furthermore you can’t really stop, this industry is super fast paced, things are changing and being released so quickly that you will have to be always learning to stay ahead of the curve. This imo is one of the great things about programming, it will always be challenging, always be different and never go stale, but it is important you are aware of this from the start.


I think the best way to do this is to plan. I made a recent post about what you should learn, if you haven’t read it yet then you can go here. The takeaway from it is that you really need to set yourself a little roadmap of what you want to learn.

Once you have that you can break it down into smaller parts and get into more detail about what it will take to learn each aspect of your roadmap. Smaller chunks are much easier to manage and complete. Completing each small chunk will represent real progress and make you feel good about yourself (as you should) and help keep you going.

suggestion Use something like Trello and create a new board for each item on your learning path, then insert the smaller chunks and mark these done as and when you complete them. This is a great way to stay on track.

Keep Going

No matter what keep going, remember you have committed to this, so just keep pushing through, you will have some awful days, but you will soon realise that often times those are the days you learn the most.

Documenting your progress or using something like Trello will help you see how far you have come and act as a deterrent to giving up. Small manageable steps and you will achieve your goal if you commit to it.

Final Thought

Stay away from the ‘I haven’t got time’ excuse.

Basically, find out whatever works for you in terms of staying on track and do them. Get into the mindset of once something is in your plan you just have to do it, don’t start finding time to do it, just do it like you do with brushing your teeth, showering, feeding yourself etc.

I know I said it will take hundreds of hours, which is a lot different from brushing your teeth, but the point remains the same, tailor your plan based on your lifestyle, break it down and then just do it, no excuses.

Good luck.



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