Been A While

I haven’t made a new post in a while. I recently started a new position and have been spending a lot of time trying to get settled and up to speed on everything as there are a lot of new things to do and learn.I am about a month in now and so far I have some pretty mixed feelings, some good, some not so good :).First off I am no longer using React, I knew this from the outset, but I am finding that I am missing working with it. I have a number of years experience creating UIs with React and am definitely comfortable there, so it is sometimes hard to tell if I am actually missing it or just a little uncomfortable working with a lot of new stuff.

What confuses me even further is that the new company uses Vue instead of React, which has many similar patterns and overlap, the problem is I am not getting to work with much Vue at all either, so far I am chopping websites together using Twig templates and less for styling. I am also having to dig into some PHP code, which isn’t ideal as I am completely unfamiliar with it.This leads to a lot of my days been pretty frustrating thus far, which is to be expected whilst I pick up the new skills required. However my concern is that I really prefer working with React than any of this stuff.

A lot of the legacy projects at the company are using Wordpress or very dated versions of JavaScript, so I can’t use es6, they are littered with jQuery code and to be frank, not super pleasant to work with.

Now, onto the good stuff. The people are great, super friendly and always on hand to help. I have been assigned a really talented mentor and I am definitely learning a decent amount everyday.My output is good considering the short time I have been here. I am confident I am providing value, which is important to me.The problem is the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I guess I need to decide over the coming months if it is just all new and I need to get used to it or the job just isn’t a good fit for me.I am finally seeing the probationary period from the employees point of view. I am of course a little concerned that if I ultimately decide that it is not the right fit and look elsewhere, that leaving a job so soon after starting will reflect poorly on me.I would like to think not though, as long as I can explain my reasons, learn from the mistake and be sure to do more thorough research about any potential new opportunities in the future I should be fine.Right now I am on the fence, so like I said, I will give things time and see how I progress over the coming months and then decide.



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