Back in the Saddle

I've been somewhat slacking since my first interview rejection, part due to being a little disheartened, part due to being a little confused in terms of direction and part due to being busy.

I have just got back from a week in Ireland, which was great, I feel refreshed and ready to go again now. My GutHub profile has a notable lack of activity for October so it's time to change that and keep up with my studying, building out a portfolio and keeping up with other skills, such as scripting, basic server admin and I also want to make some time to satisfy my curiosity.

In particular Go, is a language that has interested me for a while, but it is not really super relevant in terms of me getting a job, but I still think it is important to satisfy this first, so I will occasionally be working through the language and learning bits and pieces when I get time.

Hopefully I can be more active here on the blog, on GitHub and building things out. I have a post in the works regarding networking after speaking to a few friends about it, so hopefully I can post that soon too.

Work Ethic


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