I'm Back

Hey! Welcome back, it has been a long long time since I updated here, but I am gonna cut myself a little slack as there has been a lot going on.

I mentioned last time that I had been helping out with a new business and that had took up a lot of my time, I also had an amazing couple of weeks in the Caribbean, which was fantastic - would definitely recommend it. We got back late December, so naturally then the holiday season took over and before I knew it we were into 2019! Crazy.

However after that I found it hard to get back into the swing of things, I was so used to lounging around and doing nothing, but I am finally back in the flow now, plus have some super exciting news (keep reading) that really helps the motivation.

Big News


I hadn't mentioned much if anything on the blog about connecting with a guy (Graham) looking to hire developers in the new year, but we chatted a little bit on LinkedIn late last year and agreed to meet in the new year to discuss his plans and needs.

True to his word he contacted me in the new year and we arranged to grab a few beers the following week. Things went really well, we got on great and he had a serious passion for his business and I knew almost instantlyI really wanted to work with this guy.

He mentioned that the bulk of the work would be in React andReact native, which was music to my ears, previous readers will know that I have long struggled with worrying about finding a job in React, so this news just increased my desire more.

A lot of projects were in the pipeline, but a lot of the details still needed ironing out, so we left it at that. A few days later Graham pinged me on WhatsApp asking me to meet with Jamie, a colleague of his for a more interviewy type discussion, he would also be Skyping in for the meeting.

This again went really well and both Jamie and Graham were interested in me talking about the technical test I recently completed for Leighton, which just goes to show nothing is a waste regardless of whether it leads to anything at the time or not.

They had a few concerns with the project but seemed more than happy with my explanation of things. Again I left feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.

I got sporadic updates from Graham throughout the following week about how things were his end and various bits of information about potential projects and with that getting more and more excited.

That Life Changing Phone Call

A few days later I got a call from Graham, where he offered me a full time position with his company, I was absolutely over the moon, we discussed a few particulars and obviously I accepted the job.

Start date is looking like the 4th of Feb and like I said I see this as life changing opportunity for me and fully intend to work my arse off and make the most of it.

Going Forward

So this blog and a lot of my initial efforts here were in hopes I would find a job and successfully change careers, now that I have completed that goal things will naturally change. I still plan to keep up with my learning and this blog, but the updates may well be less frequent than they initially were.

I'll think on this a little more in the coming days.



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