Async ftw

I have been thinking a lot about internal meetings, communication and productivity as a whole lately. Being more productive is something I am always striving for and I am often struggling with myself in terms of how communication should happen (most of the time) at work.

I am all for actually speaking and interacting with people. I am quite an extroverted person as a whole, but I also really hate the thought of wasting time and perhaps more so hate losing my focus when I am in the mood to get some work done.

Async, Sync, both?

Communication can be asynchronous or synchronous, but which should we choose? Well that is somewhat of a trick question. Of course there is situations for both. However the point here is that most people, businesses and teams go to is synchronous communication. Personally I think everybody's default should be async communication. This applies even more so to remote first teams imo.

The reality is almost all meetings can be replaced with something async. Most people just don't even think about it... And that's the point, we just need to think what is most suitable for the situation.

What's so wrong with meetings?

Nothing? I am not saying all meetings are bad. However when meetings feel like a waste of time they can be super frustrating. This is emphasised when you are behind on work, already struggling on a problem or anything else is going on.

Meetings are great, for social time, coffee chats with colleagues etc. I think if we could reduce meetings elsewhere there would be more time for this and it would be super valuable. It should result in happier more connected teams and better overall productivity in the workplace.

This is a topic I have become particularly interested in and I am thinking about how I can pitch default async to Library of Things. I am a little cautious about suggesting such a big change after only recently starting, but I think it is a safe space, and a worthwhile discussion to have whatever the outcome.

Async Comms


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