Always be working!

Just a quick post to help motivate some of you out there and help me reflect on what is happening lately. It has been a pretty hectic few weeks to be honest. Lots of progress made in lots of areas, which is great!


First up I am happy to say I have connected with a few more people since being named as a mentor over at coding-coach and so far things are going really well. I was a little nervous at first about offering help, but everyone I have worked with seems happy enough and I have consolidated a bunch of knowledge in the process. This has helped me massively in terms of confidence. A couple of people I am working with are applying for jobs and a few are right at the start of their journey, which again is great, generally as people get job ready they require/ask for less help, which means I can put more time into the others.

Working hard is key in this game, lots of people think they don't have the brains for programming, but it really is just all about putting in the work. If you do that you will stand out and get hired. I try to tell all my mentees this as often as possible as I know it can be very disheartening when you are applying to jobs and getting nothing back. However almost always you could be doing more, so, just do it :).


I have been serving the last week of my notice period this week. I expected a fairly quiet and painful week if I am honest, but it has actually been pretty great. I have been handing over all of my work to a colleague and again going through all of what i have done recently has helped me realise just how far I have come in the last few months. I am articulating concepts much clearer, have achieved a fair few things I definitely would have had a hard time with six months ago and have received great feedback from those I am handing stuff over too - all good things!!

Bit on the side

Away from work and helping others I have tried to keep up with my studying and working with tech I don't get to use daily. Recently I have been focussing on NodeJS, the backend if you like. I have went through a few tutorials as well as building out some of my own projects. I have had a lot of fun (and pain) going through this process but it has definitely helped me expand my knowledge. An added bonus though is that it is JS, so writing it helps me get better at writing JS. In particular I feel my async/await and promise game is on point after spending so much time with node and express. Maybe I will write a tutorial blog post eventually! Here are some of the things I have been working on lately. Most are still very much a work in progress, but I like to get things on git and in the open as quickly as possible.

Alternatively you can check out my projects from this site here, although my github profile will likely be updated a lot quicker.

Cool Story Bro

Just a quick note to say, posts like these aren't just me bragging about how great I am and hard I work. I just think it is very important to always reflect on the good when we can as our monkey brain will focus on the bad happily for long periods of time, so yeah, enjoy the moments while you can I say. And for good measure, see below for the bad!

So, it seems everything is going well and for the most part it is. But, like with everything, balance is key. I have been pushing hard lately as discussed in this post, but it has came at a cost. I have slipped massively with a lot of the other good habits I had been creating this year. Fitness, exercise, reading and diet. I give myself a pass on reading as I am consuming lots of articles and blog posts through my learning, but I have been eating way more takeaways or quick unhealthy meals, not getting out on the bike on the morning or not doing any other forms of exercise at all really.

I need to find that sweet spot again where I can fit everything I want to do in, rather than getting tunnel vision with a couple of things and completely ignoring the rest. that's the plan anyway...



Work Ethic

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