About Me

I am a software engineer working in the Javascript space, I am a big fan of the jam stack. I have a lot of experience with Gatsby and React, but have more recently started looking at Vue. In fact this very site was built with Gridsome, a static site generator for Vue, which is heavily influenced by Gatsby.

I am a second career developer who came from the business world. My experience in business has helped me understand the commercial side of this world, which has been very useful thus far in my career.

Outside of work I am interested in learning more about the operations side of the industry, I have a great friend helping me with the Docker, AWS, K8s and more as well as starting to get more and more experience with NodeJS in a bid to become a more well rounded engineer.


I am currently a software engineer at Library of Things which is a social enterprise promoting borrowing over buying. I started in January 2021 and so far I am absolutely loving it. The team are great and super supportive. Our stack is React, Typescript, Apollo and Graphql, which is exactly what I want to be working with. I am also getting hands on with Docker, CI/CD with Gitlab and Prisma, which I am excited about.

Outside of work I am always day dreaming about becoming an indie maker and shipping some awesome products. This is still pretty much pipe dream status, but watch this space I guess!


I have been lucky enough to have some great mentors so far in my career. Without these I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. To that end I try to give back and look to help as many people looking to get into the industry as I can. You can find more about my mentoring over at Coding Coach


Not that you would know it given the state of my blog, but I had a small stint writing for a living. I have always enjoyed it and kept a blog for the past couple of years essentially journalling my journey into web development. It is not your typical dev blog filled with tutorials - there are already a bunch of those, but I hope it gives insight into how I came from 0 to hired and I hope it can help others do the same.

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