2019 A Year in Review

Somewhat strange to have a year in review post so early into a new blog, but it is not like I didn't have goals or things I was looking to achieve in 2019, so, although I don't have them written down anywhere I can construct them here and then talk about how I think I have done.

Number one goal - ACHIEVED

My main aim for the year of 2019 was to land a job as a developer. Mid way through 2018 I decided enough was enough in terms of having no real career or path, I was in my thirties and my life was going pretty much nowhere professionally. I have young children I want to set good examples to and I wanted to feel a success.

I identified the dev world of interest to me for numerous reasons.

  • I always have had an interest in tech and the web
  • Low barrier to entry (no degree needed)
  • Relatively well paid from the off, especially given previous point
  • Industry is still relatively new and showing no signs of slowing down
  • Ever changing, which means updating your skills and varied work, which both appealed massively to me.

So that was it, I was going to be a dev, only problem was I had no idea where to begin. Anyway, this isn't the time to write about a step by step. I am happy to report that in mid February of 2019 I was hired as a developer for a startup in my local area. I was super happy and I guess that is my biggest achievement of the year.

Health & Fitness - FAILED

Health and fitness is on my (and countless other peoples) 'list' every year, I generally have various levels of success and failure over the year, but ultimately, come the years end, I would say overall I have failed.

I have some thoughts on how to rectify this, which will be in my 2020 post, which I will perhaps write later today.

OK, so health and fitness when I was younger was a breeze, I played football, cricket and Rugby in school, after school I fell in love with martial arts and trained MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I was always in great shape. I had a terrible diet, but all of that activity meant I could eat what I like.

As the years went by, life kinda got in the way and all my training just fell away, which is a mistake and something I want to rectify at some point. Without all the training the poor diet soon caught up with me. I am by no means huge, but slightly underweight and severely unfit. I would say in 2019 I have maintained weight and fitness levels which is obviously not good enough.

Reading - HUGE FAIL

Another of those every year goals for me is to read more. I labelled this a huge fail which I guess is somewhat misleading. I have read a lot this year, a lot of articles, blog posts and tutorials, but almost all of them are exclusively work related, which has definitely been interesting and benefited my career. However, when I set this goal for myself I'm more meaning books, things that will expand my mind, get me to think about things differently and what not.

I think I read 2 books in 2019 - if that... The bizarre thing is, I actually love reading once I get started. Again I have some thoughts on how to change this for 2020.

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Moderate Success

Mental health and wellbeing is something that I hadn't thought about or put too much stock into in my younger years, however my partner is a mental health nurse, which has opened my eyes to the seriousness of it as well as gave me more of an insight and understanding.

Since then I have been more in tune with my own. For 2019 I hoped to put more time into my relationships with friends, family and colleagues as well as spend time focussing on my mindset and the way I approach things - more specifically how I manage my expectations.

Relationships have been a mixed bag, I have spent more time with family, which is something I am happy about. Changing careers and working with new people in the world of software has led me to being much more social and engaged at work, which is great.

Friends - not so good. I have lost touch with so many over the years due to work and family commitments, which I guess is somewhat natural, family and my work colleagues are enough for me anyway, but at the same time there are some people I would have liked to see more of, make more of an effort with etc, but again overall this year has been a success.

Meditation has been of interest for a while, I really want to make it a habit, something I do daily, even if only for 5-10 minutes, however I meditated ~20 times in the whole year, which is not good enough.

Looking forward

That is it, I don't put huge stock into resolutions, specific niche goals very often, the things discussed here will likely be my goals for the next 10 years, I am just looking to make small achievable improvements in all aspects of my life.

I do plan to do better in 2020 though and having this blog will help with that in terms of accountability, reference and somewhere to share my thoughts and feelings.